About us

We are alumni, friends and supporters of the Deutschlandstipendium at TUM. The program has made many things possible for us and we would like to give a little back. Initially, we loosely organized ourselves through word-of-mouth and already existing friendships, then in 2019, we founded the Alumni & Sponsors Association with 17 founding members. We now want to take the next step together and bundle the commitment, ideas and experiences of all TUM German Scholarship Associates.

Unser Vorstandsteam

Simon van Endern

Simon studied computer science and business administration at TUM and was supported in both courses by the scholarship. In the meantime, Simon has started his own business. He is a founding member and is dedicated to the growth and expansion of the association network.

Corinna Lingstädt

Corinna is studying computer science at TUM and has been supported several times by the Deutschlandstipendium. She is currently completing her master’s thesis. Since 2021 she has been deputy director. She is responsible for the design of the association’s program.

Niklas Jünger

Niklas studied electrical engineering and information technology at TUM and was supported in his master’s studies by the Deutschlandstipendium. Niklas now works in R&D at Rohde&Schwarz. He is a founding member and treasurer of the association.

With 55 members, a good third of whom are actively involved in the association’s activities, we can already draw on a broad network of sponsors and contacts. We are highly motivated to let the association and thus the TUM-Deutschlandstipendium grow further, to make new contacts and to set up exciting projects together. Would you like to become part of the team? We are looking forward to you!